Workshop 5 16/11/16

We got into our set groups and put all of our pieces on show and chose out of all of them which pieces we would like to incorporate into the final model.

We started off by sticking a piece of wood we liked together with a thicker, block piece of wood that had a slot in which made it easier to glue it on. We used PVA wood glue and left it to set for 20 minutes. we then chose a piece of aluminium we liked the look of and glued it using apoxy resin glue onto the front of another piece of wood. At the same time we glued that piece of wood onto the block of wood. We put masking tape around the aluminium piece to keep it in place to dry which takes around 5 minutes and kept the wood in place for 20 minutes again in a clamp.

We then decided to put someone’s vacuum formed acrylic into the hole which made a nice effect with the light bouncing off it and hitting the aluminium. We then added onto the other side of this piece of wood a piece of aluminium  that had been gritted to make a pattern and then bent in a circle, we stuck this on with apoxy resin glue.

Next we joined a piece of aluminium that had again been gritting to a pattern of arrows, we fitted it using a drill to make a hole then put a bolt through it and tightened the knut at the back of it. We added onto the end of this a piece of acrylic that had been bent and cut and fitted it with two pop rivets using pop rivet pliers.


We then realised that the model wouldn’t stand up so we combined bit of aluminium and acrylic together using a pop rivet to act as a stand at the front of the object. We fitted this using a small bolt and knut.

This is or final design.


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