Site surveys 15/11/16

Starting this lesson, we had never even heard about a ‘site survey’. We were told how important it is to get correct, not just for us but for other people as well like the carpet fitters.

You usually start off by drawing out a quick draft of the room plan from what you can see. You then go around the room and measure everything you need to know to make a plan even including the windows or the tread width. As well, if a section is needed to be drawn up, you will also need to measure up the height of everything too. From all of the measurements you gather, you then can make an accurately measured up plan/section using a scale ruler.

We were taken to a part of the SIA building which was a small rectangular room with upwards stairs in the corner. I have some pictures of the small details in the room.

We then drew up a draft plan of it and then measured the room.


Next we accurately drew it up as a plan at 1:50.


Then I drew up a section at 1:20.



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