What is Design? 14/11/16

We started the theory lesson off by reading a chapter of ‘Hello World’ and then in a group of 4 we discussed it and created a mind map of what we thought of.


Good design should be:

  • sustainable
  • functional
  • ergonomic
  • suitable for the user

We then had to go look at a public building and explore what was good and bad about it’s design. We went to the train station and looked at the exterior, interior, signage, furniture and the entrance.

The train station uses up a lot of space even including the outside as a lot of the outside is made up of water features and walking spaces in different directions for users to get to where they want to go. The entrance is made up of two massive doors which is suitable for the amount of people that use the train station, this takes you into a large public space that included seating for people that weren’t only walking through and lots of signage for people that didn’t. The building has a lot of nice features in it such as the walls and ceilings.


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