What is Colour? 07/11/16

Before this session, we learnt a small amount about the colour wheel, primary, secondary and complementary colours in a small amount of detail. But this session filled us in a lot more about colour.

Parts of a colour wheel

  • Primary colours- colours that cannot ever be made by being mixed by other colours, for example, red, blue, yellow.
  • Secondary colours- colours that are made up of two of the primary colours, for example, green, orange, purple.
  • Tertiary colours- if you mix a primary colour with a secondary colour at 2:1 you can make this

Key word meanings

  • Hue- a more advanced way of saying colour
  • Saturation- how pure/intense the colour is
  • Tonal value- how black or white the colour is

Warm and cool colours

  • Warm colours- stand out, active, intense, happiness, enthusiastic. For example: light green, yellow, orange, bright red.
  • Cool colours- passive, calm, soothing, tranquil, peaceful. For example: dark red, purple, blue, dark green.

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