Technical model 01/11/16

What is a schematic model?

  • Overview of your scheme.
  • Created after and with a lot more detail than sketch model.
  • It is neat and made using one material.
  • Can be made with: cardboard, paper, acrylic, mount board, plywood.

In this lesson we were given card to work from and a booklet showing stages of what we had to do. Using a scale ruler (to work out the measurements on the 1:50 side), a cutting mat, a scalpel and a metal ruler (always use a metal ruler and not a plastic one when using with a scalpel as it could cut into the ruler) I made my way through the booklet.

Half way through the model:


My finished Schematic model:

I liked this lesson a lot because it was very useful to learn about all the different skills. It makes you look more accurately at measurements and putting them to scale and also I learnt how to score neatly to make a rounded edge and how to make the glue sticky instead of wet o that it doesn’t seep out from under the card and make the model look untidy.


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