Kurecolours 07/11/16

We learnt in this lesson that using single lines of kurecolour gives a light effect but as you start to layer the same colour on top it gives a dark effect which could be used on walls to show a corner of a wall that could be a little bit darker than the rest of the wall. We then tried out layering colour on top of a grey which shows the object does have colour on it but it is hidden by shade which could be used with a chair. Making a colour have a gradient to it could show that there isn’t a shadow to the wall its just getting less light to it the further the wall is from the window.

You can make lots of different textures using simple equipment, for example, doing a layer of crayon and then a layer of kurocolour on top gives it a rough look to it. Another example is doing a layer of random pencil lines and line putting a layer of kurocolour on top, this gives a look of wood.

Self directed work: decide on a light source and using kurocolours or other equipment, add tone and layering to the pictures given.





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