Workshop 2 03/11/16

We started off by taking a piece of aluminium and drawing 2 straight lines on it. I decided on 1 line going vertically and then another going diagonally.

We were then told to cut it you had to use a big guilitine, you had to line it up accurately by looking through the gap and then standing on the bar to cut through it.

Then we put a pattern on one of the pieces and used the gritting machine to grit the side of the aluminium strip and when the masking tape it peeled off it has a permenant pattern on it of shiny/matte.

Then you could bend it using another machine to make into a shape that you want.

Then I used another two machines to curl it round to make it into a loop. One was a small one which made tight loops and one was big to make large loops.

These are my final metal pieces:


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