Workshop 1 02/11/16

First we were told to get a coloured acrylic of our choice and the draw 1 straight line down a side (can be either horizontal, vertical or diagonal) I chose to draw a line diagonal from one corner to the other.

Then we were shown how to work this machine and told to accurately cut down the line.

After this we had to file down the edge that we cut down to make it a smoother cut.

Then to make it even smoother we had to sand it down using a dry/wet sand paper.

On another machine I made sure it had a bit of wax on it. Then pushed my piece of acrylic into it and then again on the other part of the machine to finish it off to make the side shiny again.

I then decided to use the strip heater to bend the acrylic into the shape I wanted it.

We were also shown another machine that can bend plastic to any shape that you put below it. I didn’t have time to use this though. 

These are the pieces I ended up with:



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