What is Form? 31/10/16

Before anything, the first thing we were asked to do was make a mind map for ‘What is Form?’ This is what we came up with.


  • the visual shape or configuration of something.
  • a particular way in which a thing exists or appears.
  • made for a particular function.

Its conditions are: shape, scale, orientation, proportion, colour/texture, repetition, arrangement, contrast and respond to existing.

Form is constructed of geometry and proportion. – Le Corbusier

The Golden Ratio is a simple piece of mathematical theory that can make your designs feel well proportioned and pleasing to the eye. The golden number is a special number approximately equal to 1.618.



We also learnt that, by looking at one shape or form, you can then make other forms by putting them together, this is a good way of finding a space that fits perfectly for your need.

We then had to choose a shape we wanted (my group chose circles) and make a form of a building out of putting circles, parts of circles or overlapping circles together to make it. Then after we had to put things in it to make it into a house plan. This is what we come up with.





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