Concept board 27/10/16

A concept board shows a suggestion of a direction/aesthetic at the early stages of a design proposal. They can be used as a initial communication tool at the start of the design process to show which materials, palette, style, atmosphere and concept you are devising. They aren’t definite, but just show the designers first thoughts.

Task: produce a professional A3 concept board which includes the following:

  • Texture/sketchmodel
  • Suggested colour palette
  • Inspirational imagery
  • Text/keywords/font
  • Interior imagery
  • Photo of a sketchmodel
  • Sketchvisuals
  • Material swatches

We had a list of ideas that we want our concept board to stick to and I decided to choose natural.

I started off by looking on the internet for inspiration that I liked the look of, this included natural architecture and natural interior as well. I even looked at furniture and how the colours included in them can set off or crowd a room.

I decided to do a mind map to search for my first thoughts of what it could look like. This is what I came up with:

Then I put together a colour palette of the three main colours I will use. I felt like using three colours in the colour palette would make it less crowded but I might add in a grey/blue to the designs as well as it is still a natural colour.

I also did a material swatch as well but I would like the final wood I use to be a bit lighter and the grey tile to be a bit darker and to have a slight hint of blue in it.


Then, I made a plan and then a final sketch model looking at all the inspiration I’ve found and gone off what I like the look of. I decided to make it look neat in the shape of a triangle and then have another part coming out of the side. I’ve kept the design simple and minimalistic as I didn’t want it to stand out in a calm, natural environment.



The font style I decided I like is a curly, flowing font as it reminds me of vines and thought it went well with the idea of nature as a theme.

I then put all my ideas together and made a sketch visual.



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