What is Space? 17/10/16

Task: We were asked in groups “What does space mean?” Through this we made a mind map of what we think it is.

We came up with phrases like:

  • An area where there is nothing.
  • The area between things.
  • There could be an infinity of space (like the real space).
  • There can be a confined amount of space (like the space inside a bottle).

Meaning: Space is a continuous area or expanse which is free, available or unoccupied. They hold the dimensions of height, depth and width in which all things move and exist within.
Some spaces are made from certain conditions. For example:

  • Natural light/artificial
  • Shade/darkness
  • Boundaries/types/boundless
  • Dimensions/scale
  • Elements of form

Meaning: As space becomes organised with these conditions, architecture/design comes into being.

You can get very opposite types of spaces like positive spaces or negative spaces. For example, a negative space is made up of buildings that aren’t aware of the buildings around it. They aren’t properly thought about before they are placed. A positive space is made up of buildings that are specifically designed for that space and look a lot more social.

Places are spaces with meaning. The meaning is often constructed through time and is therefore historical. You have to sometimes understand history to understand place.

Task: We were told to design a place as a small group. We could choose a negative or a positive space and there were no limits as to what we could add to our town.


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