First model making lesson 06/10/16

In this task we had to do quick sketch models with inspiration from photos or videos that were put onto the board.

We started off with a picture of a wine building and were told we had a short amount of time to remake it with the materials we have on our desk. This is what I made in such a short amount of time.

Then a square block building came on the board and we had to make a model that looked like it. This is what I made.

Next we had to make a model that looked like a certain bridge that was put on the board. This is what I made.

We then were given a sheet of paper which was a page of patterns and had to use it to make a model stand out against it but still keeping the picture in mind. This is what I made.

Finally we were shown a video of a skate park and told to make a drawing as inspiration from it. What came from this was a sheet of free hand drawn lines and swirls. Then we had to make a model that didn’t look like a skatepark but had the feel to it. This is what I made.

For our self directed work we were told to come up with six different pictures/videos and make sketch models inspired from them.

The first model I made was inspired from the horizontal, landscape and diagonal lines that are included in rollercoasters.


My second sketch model came from a building (Frank Gehry’s Lou Ruvo Brain Institute). So I remade it into a sketch model.

My third model came from the opera house in Sydney as it is well known.

My fourth was inspired from a close up of a flower.

My fifth was from a video of waves in a sea. I made a sketch model for what I seen in it.

My final sketch model was made from a picture of a building that was meant to look like giant stairs.



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