First technical drawing lesson 04/10/16

The first task was to draw a scaled plan view of myself sat on my table in the studio included myself, whoever else was sat at the table and everything that was on the table as well. We started off by measuring the width and length of the table which was 1200mm x 1200mm. Then using a scale ruler we used the side first that was 1:50 but it was much too small so we changed it to 1:20. Then carried on by drawing the other things on the table and around.


Next we were given a floor plan of a room which came with the measurements. We had to draw the room on our own A3 sheet of paper which we decided to do with the 1:25 scale ruler. After I drawn it all out in pencil, I went over it again in fine liner with different thickness’ as the exterior walls were drawn with a thicker fine liner than other details like the table.

Our self directed work was to measure a room and draw it out and I decided to draw out my living room/kitchen in my University accommodation. And then drawn it out on an A3 sheet of paper with the scale 1:20.


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