Dream Space 26/09/16

For my first project, we were divided into small groups of around 5 people. We had to create a drawing and a model from our own initiation of a ‘dream space’.


We started off by writing down our own ideas for what we could do and then put them all together on a mind map.


Our group mind map

From this, we then had to decide which idea was the best. We chose the theme of emotions provoked by dreams and used different colours of string to show the varied emotions (for example, blue to show sadness). We also cut out different shapes in cardboard to hang from the string to show emotions (for example, a jagged edge to show anger). When we finished making it we realised it looked like a child’s hanging mobile and quite liked this as it is also associated with sleep.


Our finished initial design

When written down we really liked this idea but as we went into making it, we realised we hadn’t thought deeply enough at the small details and it didn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as we would have liked. So by the second day we decided to leave that idea as just an initial idea and start again.


Moving forward, we decided to change the idea slightly to the way the brain works during sleep and we developed the idea further to show how it is sometimes said that brains work like a machine. This made us think of cogs and how they are needed to work a machine.


Our final design

We wanted to keep a similar concept to our initial product so we kept it as a child’s hanging mobile and decided to take parts of cogs which we thought gave it more of an abstract look to it and put them hanging inside a cylinder made up of tracing paper. We used tracing paper because we wanted it to have the effect of a nightlight (which is also associated with a child’s bedroom) so when a light is shined inside it, shadows can be seen of the cogs outside it.

We thought that the whole concept of the product was in keeping with a dream because nothing can be seen when the light is off which says to me that dreams can’t be seen when you’re awake but as soon as the light comes on, the shadows can suddenly be seen which shows that as soon as they fall asleep, the dream turns on and can be seen.


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